F3K - League - 3 December - GEMS

For Sunday's F3K league at GEMS...

8:45 Pilot briefing, 9:00 Start flying - please be on time.

We'll fly 5 or 6 rounds and be finished by no later than 13:00 (if you need to leave earlier, no problem).

Pilots are...

1. Brett Lewis
2. Ivor
3. Chris
4. Theo
5. Joe
6. Craig
7. Mike
8. Brett Steele
9. Spare pilot 2
10. Spare Pilot 3

If you have a stop watch/es, please bring it/them with you. And a pen/pencil for scoring.

PS : If you'd like to be one of the spare pilots, that would be awesome. Please let me know if you're keen. Or just pitch up.

See you all tomorrow. If you have ballast, bring it along, there could be some wind. :)
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